Humane Methods To Repel or Deter Pesky Birds From Boats

Posted : Wednesday 2nd July 2014

Birds can become a real nuisance and unwanted in certain areas of our daily lives such as gardens, allotments, factories and boats. It is important to understand what factor is attracting the birds to the certain area in the first place, this could be the presence of food, an established or attractive roosting site, an established or attractive nesting/breeding site and/or the resence of other birds.

The Key

To keep birds away - it is essential that the negatives must outweigh the positives from the birds point of view. Think of it as a risk/reward strategy, is it worth it for the bird to take the risk.

The Method

The method of detering and repeling birds does not have to be done in a inhumane way, there are numerous humane bird repellent and bird deterrent products and methods that work effectively.

The Products

Bird repellent and deterrent products vary depending on type of bird and location of probelm such as pesky birds on a boat, birds in gardens or birds nesting in old factories. To deter or repel birds on a boat we recommend using products such as a Bird Balloon Scarer, a Bird Spider, a bird sweep, hawk decoy or a cat decoy.

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